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(OH) Sherri Tenpenny, DO; R.C.Walsh, DO; C. Leuthaueser, DO

Find an Informed Doctor:

This is a partial list, and by no means implies an endorsement by ANDI. We at ANDI suggest that you work with a responsible physician who is interested in progressive medicine, and who will support you in your quest to help your child. The doctors listed below have been reported by our members to be knowledgeable about the DAN! Protocol (Defeat Autism Now - Clinical Options Manual for Physicians), or who are supportive of dietary and biological intervention for autism. Please read their websites, if available, and/or see if you can get a reference from another parent before scheduling an appointment. We take no responsibility for the views or clinical practice of those listed here.

List of DAN! Professionals & Practitioners (ARI website)

You can search for doctors registered with the The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, or other practitioners who are more likely to be informed about dietary and nutritional interventions at The Alternative Medicine Network.

If you have a traditional or progressive physician who has been very supportive about testing and treating your child with autism for immune problems, food allergies, and other biological issues, please email us with their name, contact information, and website (if they have one). We will ask if they would agree to be included in this list.

Need help getting your child to an out-of-state doctor's appointment within the U.S.? Want to donate your unused Frequent-Flyer miles so that others may find help for their kids? Unlocking Autism may be able to help you. Please click here for details.


The content on this website is not to be taken as medical advice. We have gathered information here so that you can make an informed decision in partnership with your medical practitioner.

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Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D.

Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D. Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D. is the author of Special Diets For Special Kids I & II, the foremost books on gluten and casein-free diets for children with disabilities.

Karyn Seroussi

Karyn Seroussi Karyn Seroussi is the author of Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and PDD, the story of her son's autism recovery through dietary and other biomedical interventions.

Helping since 1995

Together Lewis and Seroussi created the Autism Network for Dietary Intervention (ANDI.) Since 1995, ANDI has been helping and supporting parents using dietary and biomedical interventions for autism spectrum disorders. Last year, Lisa and Karyn again joined forces and put the sum of their knowledge in a new book, The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions. They continue to write and speak on the topic of dietary intervention, and to support other parents around the world.